Make Up Policy

Students can request a make-up class for classes which fall on statuary holidays. Execption: those holidays that are not part of the 38 weeks or are extended in the term. Christmas, New Years and March Break Weeks no regular are scheduled during this time and are not part of the 38 week term

Class Make Up Policy
If your child is sick, please give us a call and we will book a make up class if space is available to do a makeup.  It is always best to attend your regular class where the teacher is familiar with your child. 

You can use your make up to try a different program!

Makeups must be done in the session the class was missed.  Child must be currently registered in order to do the makeup.

Make ups can not be booked until the class is missed.

Make ups cannot be used in lieu of payment.
There are no refunds for missed classes.