Plan your child’s best Birthday Party ever right here at Futures!
You provide the kids and the cake and we provide the fun!

1 hour gymnastics or Ninja party designed around the average age of the children attending. High energy with lots of games for younger children and loads of great gymnastics for the older ones!

You can choose the option of ether a Gymnastics or Ninja birthday Party. Invitations for your party guests are included.

Parties can now be booked on line through Iclass or at our front desk


Party Packages- Birthday, Special Occasion or Corporate

Party Package 1: $150.00 plus tax Up to 8 kids, 1 hour gym time, 1 hour party room

Party Package 2: $225.00 plus tax- Up to 16 kids, 1 hour gym time, I hour party room

Party Package 3: $100.00 plus tax. Up to 8 kids, 1 hour gym time

Larger parties are available upon request

Party Policies

One parent may accompany the children into the gym to take non-flash photography and or video. For safety purposes no other parents may come into the gym.

Children under 3 must be accompained by and adult.

No food or drink is permitted in the gym area.

Children must remain with the coaches during the party.

No adjust to gym start time. Children who arrive late will be welcomed into the gym when they arrive. Gym time cannot be extended for any reason unless it is pre-booked.

The party room is available for 60 minutes only. 

Parents must bring all party supplies. Futures provides a themed party room with tables and chairs. Our staff will be happy to clean up the room at the conclusion of the party

Parents are responsible for the children during the party room portion of the party.

Parents may not bring any alcohol into the facility.

No barbeques permitted for birthday parties.

Payment & Refunds

Parties must be paid in full at the time of booking. 


Cancellation 14 days or more full refund.  Cancellations less then 2 weeks no refunds, a credit will be offered. Cancellation less then 5 days prior to the pary will result in no refund or credit.

No changes in party packages within 10 days of party.  No refunds will be given to party package changes.

All Guests must have a signed waiver.  Click Here to Create an Account.  

For info call our Guelph location at (519) 822-KIDZ (5439), 

 or email us at