Ages 9+

Classes are 60min long


Students will learn positions and classical technique. Dancers will work on poise, grace, stability at the barre and at center. The class will work on Ballet progressions from basic foot work to jumps and turns.


Jazz creates an upbeat and challenging environment for the student. Class consists of warm-up, across the floor, and Jazz dance combinations This class will really get your child moving!


Feel the rhythm, feel the beat!  This fast paced and energetic class really helps your child to learn to use sound and rhythm to create movement.


Acro helps dancers improve their flexibility, tumbling and partnering skills all while performing to music and telling a story.

Hip Hop:

This class provides a fast paced dance atmosphere that includes a fun warm-up, isolations, across the floor, and contemporary Hip-Hop style combinations. Class is filled with Hip-Hop music and choreography that will challenge the students to focus on connecting with the rhythm as well as learning how to control their body in new ways.To find the perfect class just click on Schedules.



September to June 2015