At Futures Gymnastics... We strive to develop habits that promote sharing, teamwork and friendship. Developmentally appropriate gymnastics fundamentals and equipment size ensures safety and encourages children to learn at their own pace. Alongside friends and the leadership of Futures’ coaches, your child will learn the foundational skills in gymnastics-: Beam, bars trampoline, rings, floor and much more.

More so, each child will experience what it feels like to succeed and be confident in playing, making friends and mastering skills.

These are fundamental tools that they will carry with them in and outside of Futures Gymnastics.

We are looking forward to seeing your child in class!

Gym Tots-  18month to 3 years

Gym Kids- 3-4 year olds

Gym Fun 1-3  5 years +  For the beginner gymnast just starting out or 5 or 6 years old.

Gym Fun 4-6-  -  Gymnasts who have some experience but not yet an "intermediate level"

Gym Trixx-  Gymnasts who have passed the first 6 levels of Gym Fun and are now at an intermediate level

Gym Pro-  Gymnasts who have passed the 6 levels of Gym Trixx and are now at a Recreational Advanced level.

Allstars or Starlites-  Children who have been selected to train at a more committed level or the Train to Train level

Precomp or Interclub-  Children who have shown the skill level that allows them to move to the Train to Compete level.  There are 4 levels and multiple age levels.  Children do not experience any competition until age 7 and then at an everyone succeeds level.

Provincial Stream-   Athletes that have show strong proficiency and are now competing at a Provincial level.  There are 5 levels and multiple age levels.

National Level-  Athletes that have show outstanding proficiency and are ready to handle both physically and emotionally the competition at this level.  

High Performance Level-  Athletes here have been selected by Gymnastics Canada to represent the top athletes in Canada.