Gymnastics Ages 7-12 yrs

Gymnastics for Girls Ages 7-12 years

Gymnastics here at Futures will assist your child with developing key fitness components such as strength flexibility, agility, coordination, eye hand coordination and overall fitness. In addition, sports such as gymnastics will also help your child improve their learning skills at school.

Our team of developmental experts have created this industry leading program for gymnastics here at Futures.  With their combined Educational Degrees, ECE, Nationally Certified Gym Staff and High Five Experts, they have looked at all developmental aspects involved in working with your child.

Gym Fun- This 6 Level program is designed to build your child's confidence as they experience new skills and challenges.

Gym Fun 4-6 Ages 7-11 We recommend this age group begins at Level 4.  The coaches ensure that Levels 1-3 are covered quickly for those who are just beginning.

Gym Trixx - This 6 Level Program is the next step in building skills, strength, flexibility agility and self esteem.

Gym Pro- As your child moves into our more advanced levels, we bring you Gym Pro Levels 1-6.  Your child will be introduced to more complex skills, routine building and strength development.  Students may progresss into competitive level or continue to advance in Gym Pro.