Ryan Byrne Scholarship Fund

Ryan Byrne was a beloved coach and athlete here at Futures for over 21 years.  He passed away suddenly in his sleep due to an undiagnosed illness.   He was such an amazing young man and an outstanding Mentor and Coach.  He had a positive impact on literally 1,000's of kids throughout his 15 years as a coach.  Accolades have been pouring in, all with the same message.  He was very caring and worked tirelessly to ensure that the child felt important and successful.  Our lives are all better because he was part of it and our job will be to try to continue his legacy and outlook on life.

We also recognize that Ryan always worked hardest for the kids who needed it most.  To help continue that outlook moving forward we are starting the Ryan Bryne Scholarship Fund to assist children with challenges. The fund will help children who might otherwise not be able to participate.   Ryan's love of gymnastics and of Futures will live through the scholarship.  So help us keep this dream going by donating today.  Every dollar will be matched by Futures and we will help to ensure that kids who truly need the assistance are helped.