Safety Policies

Safety PoliciesArrive on time - We ask that you have your child ready for action at the start time for the class. Each class begins with warm up activities that will prepare them for the class ahead. This includes cardio, flexibility & stretching, teacher instructions, athlete input and attendance.
Wait Area - Please wait for your class in the area designated for your class.Students are NOT PERMITTED in any of the instructional areas unless they are enrolled and an instructor is present. This also applies to GROWN UPS!
Monitor your children- Please help us keep all children safe here at Futures Gymnastics by monitoring young children and siblings closely. We ask that no one stand or climb on chairs, benches, cubbies or counters.
No distractions please - Concentration is very important in our classes. We ask that you not distract them in any way.
Taking Pictures - Also please remember that flash photography is not permitted.
Picking up your children - For the protection of your childen, all students MUST BE picked up inside the building.
Valuables - Please do not leave valuables unattended. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Watch for Safety Weeks 3 of both Term 1 and 2.