Mr. Rodney

Position: Hip Hop Teacher

Rodney has always had an interest for the arts, but dance quickly became a passion.  He continues striving to improve his skills and finesse his talent. He began training at age fifteen with Ron Pagcaliwagan; Mississauga’s Gateway Center “I Rock With the One” choreographer, who is known for his performance in “Hip-Hop International for Philippines”.   Rodney has been trained in many urban hip hop styles such as Krump, Breakdancing, Popping, Locking, Vogue/Wakking and House. Rodney continues training with Pagcaliwagan and performs in live events such as the Ontario Games and in several youth activism and charity events located within the GTA.  In an effort to continuously improve his skillset, Rodney joined Ryerson’s “Urban Hip-Hop Union” and has expanded his knowledge in the style of hip-hop dance.  Joining this club provided the opportunity to perform in major Ryerson events.  Currently, Rodney is a main choreographer in the “Urban Hip-Hop Union (UHHU)” selective dance crew that competes in many university competitions, such as OUCH (Ontario University Competition for Hip-Hop) and BYOB (Bring Your Own Beat). Moreover, he regularly participates in a variety of workshops instructed by diverse hip-hop choreographers in addition to teaching classes in an effort to inspire other students of dance.

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