Explore the Floor- Adaptive program for children with disabilities


Explore the Floor - Adaptive Futures Program

Futures is proud to introduce our adapted programming.  Our mission with Explore the Floor is to support the healthy growth and development of children of all abilities in a safe and inclusive environment with trained coaches.

What is Explore the Floor? It’s our new inclusive program for children who want to join a Ninja or Gymnastics program but require additional support or assistance while participating. Explore the Floor is a program that will combine Ninja and basic gymnastics components while also building and improving a variety of life skills such as fine and gross motor skills, flexibility and strength, spatial orientation, increased independence and confidence, and most importantly, socializing and having fun! Our programs will include a variety of assisted floor activities as well as bars, rings, trampoline, Ninja obstacle courses and much more! How do I sign up? Each new registration will include an intake interview and a trial lesson.

This process will allow us to best meet the needs of your child and find the appropriate class and coach. If you are interested in registering for the program or simply want more information, please call or e-mail the Adaptive Coordinator, Amy Cyr at 807.355.2944 or  email her at adaptive@futuresgymnastics.com.

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