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What Do I Need To Do?  

That is the most asked question.  We understand it can be a lot when you have a busy schedule.  We really want to create a great Team Environment for everyone, reduce costs of participating and give them greater access to training opportunities.   That's what your volunteering does for your child.  So it's worth it!

Click on your Team below to help understand what it required.  If you ever have questions we are here to help. Just click on your childs category.  Not sure which one, the names are listed on each sheet.  Takw a guess and check the sheet.  

National Level

Provincial Level




Below you will find the job descriptions for the volunteer positions at our meets.  You are never alone, there is always someone to help you understand the role and to help you through.

We couldn't run these meets without your support.  Every child in Team Futures benefits from the money raised at these meets, so it's a great thing you are doing!


Awards Organizer

Awards Presenter


Hospitality on the Floor

Floor Manager

March In


Meet Director 1

Meet Director 2




Snack Bar


Volunteer Coordinator