Tips and Tricks


Being the Parent- not the Coach-  Remember that your child needs your support as the parent and not as another coach.  Sometimes kids can be overwhelmed by trying to meet too many expectations.  Try to be supportive and let them share their day without asking "why didn't you get that skill today" You can help them communicate with their coach about their feelings, rather than you communicating for them.  It's tough sometimes, but you will have a stronger athlete (and adult) later if they learn communication skills on their own.

Snack Time-  Keep their snacks healthy and easily digested.  Loading up on sugar during snack time doesn't help them get through the second half of practice, in fact it makes it tougher!  Granola bars, veggies, protein snacks, cheese and crackers, yogurt etc, are all great options.  And....while it may be boring, water is what their bodies need.