Tumbling Classes

Cheerleaders at all levels are highly encouraged to enroll in tumbling classes to help them learn, develop, and perfect their tumbling skills. Standing and running tumbling are a scored component in cheerleading routines and it is extremely important that all cheerleaders are able to compete the maximum standing and running tumbling pass for their competitive team level. These tumbling classes are designed with our competitive and prep level cheerleaders in mind.

Level 1+ Tumbling Classes- The class focuses on building a strong tumbling foundation. The focus is on handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, front and back walkovers, connected tumbling passes as well as the introduction to front and back handsprings.

Level 2+ Tumbling Classes- The class focuses on strengthening and building upon Level 1 tumbling skills as well as focusing more on the front and back handspring, standing and running handspring connected passes and the introduction to tuck skills.

Level 3+ Tumbling Classes- Focus on more advanced tumbling skills such as mastering front and back tucks, connected standing and running tumbling passes, specialty passes, layouts, and the introduction to twisting skills.

You can register at our front office, call the front office at (905) 819-9042, or you can register online.