Competitive Teams for Season 14

SEASON 14 (JUNE 2017-MAY 2018)

This year we are excited to be adding a few new teams to our roster for the upcoming 2017-18 cheerleading season. Below is the list of teams that we will be offering for Season 14.

Mauve Mini Prep 5-8 None
Lilac Youth Prep 9-11 None
Indigo Senior Prep 12-16 None
Purple Hearts Tiny Exhibition 4-5 None
Sapphire Tiny 1 5-6 Cartwheel, bridge from standing
Lavender Mini 1 6-8 Cartwheel, bridge from standing
Amethyst Youth 1 9-11 Cartwheel, bridge from standing
Purple Reign Youth 2 8-11 Standing back handspring, Round-off, back handspring
Purple Prodigy Junior 3 9-14 Series back handsprings, Round-off, multiple back handsprings
Violet Senior 1 12-18 Cartwheel, bridge from standing
Onyx Queens Senior 2 12-18 Standing back handspring, Round-off, back handspring
Royal Senior 3 12-18 Series back handsprings, Round-off, back tuck
Elite Senior 4/5 12-18 Standing back tuck, Round-off, back handspring, layout
Thunderstruck Open 4.2/4 17+

Back handspring

Electric Parent Team 18+ None
Topaz Special Needs Team 8+ None